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Model, 24, killed, castrated and cooked her husband on Thanksgiving in twisted revenge

1 year   0   641   Reality

Omaima Aree Nelson chopped up and cooked her husband of three weeks in a stomach-churning revenge plot for his alleged sexual attacks on her on Thanksgiving Day 1991.

When authorities compare you to the real-life cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and the fictional cannibal Hannibal Lector, you’re officially notorious and Omaima Aree Nelson, a 24-year-old Egyptian nanny and model, was just that.

It started out like any other Thanksgi...

"Is This Real or Fake" - See The Woman That Was Awarded With The Largest Bosom In The World. [See Photo]

2 years   1   576   Reality

Human through the stages of development take forms and exhibits the same characteristics and it is difficult to detect if the child will be male or female, until some certain stage when the sexes is revealed. Child at birth at a glance can't be differentiated, through the stages of blabbing and crawling they all exhibits same things except the clothes they wear. Some female child even exhibit same thing with that of male which made them to be ref...

Meet Georg Solti who has 31 Grammy Awards

2 years   0   558   Reality

Georg Solti, 31
Not only does the late conductor Georg Solti hold the record for the most GRAMMY Awards won in any genre with 31, he has the most wins in the Classical Field. Solti's last win was for Best Opera Recording for Wagner: Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg for 1997.

Worst Singer Ever

2 years   0   551   Reality

Florence Foster Jenkins was a 20th-Century US socialite and music-lover who styled herself as an operatic coloratura soprano and became a sensation. One of the most famous singers of her day, she was incredibly rich, a generous philanthropist, and garnered legions of fans including celebrities such as Noël Coward. Florence’s fame, however, rested not on her musical talent, but rather its opposite. Her astonishingly bad voice and abject inabili...

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